The People Have Spoken: These Are The Best Karaoke Joints In Perth!

Grab a mic!

The People Have Spoken: These Are The Best Karaoke Joints In Perth! NBC

When deciding what to do with your friends on the weekend, there's always one person who says that you should all go to karaoke.

Karaoke is great because you get to have drinks with your favourite people and belt out some of your favourite songs without fear of embarrassment.

It's the best time and so, we wanted to find the best karaoke places in Perth so that you're guaranteed to have a great night the next time you choose to make your friends watch you perform Cher's entire back catalogue.


We asked our readers where they love doing a bit of karaoke and here's what they said:
South Street Ale House

The South Street Ale House has karaoke happening quite a lot, so if there's one or two of your friends who can't make it on one night, it's easy to just reschedule! 

Karaoke here happens every Monday, Friday and Saturday night and on those nights there are generally always drink specials such as $5 cocktails! 


Newport Hotel 

Every Saturday night, the Newport Hotel has karaoke happening upstairs from 8pm. 

There's always something going on at this bar, so if you've belted out a bunch of tracks and need a bit of a break, you can head back downstairs to have a dance or just chill out by the Tiki Bar before heading back upstairs and doing it all again!


Morley Bar & Bistro 

On Friday nights, the only thing you'll be hearing when you walk into the Morley Bar and Bistro, will be people belting out their favourite tunes with their favourite drinks and favourite people.

From 7:30pm every week, the mic is open to anyone and everyone, so bring the gang and see who gets the biggest round of applause!


Kwinana Local 

The Kwinana Local has karaoke too, believe it or not, and every Saturday night at 7:30pm, you'll find the locals belting out some classic tunes and having a damn good time!

No matter what kind of music you're into, everyone will want to get in on the action so why not give it a crack?!

Where's your favourite place to do karaoke in Perth? 

Let us know in the comments!

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