Survivor Recap: First Impressions

Producer Jack Enviously Reviews Ep One

Survivor Recap: First Impressions

Survivor is back baby!!!

Season 2 kicked off with a bang and there’s a whole new batch of castaways who make it pretty clear in the first episode whether they’re going to last or not.

Basically it was an episode showcasing How NOT To Play Survivor.

As every season kicks off, there’s always far too many contestants to remember - Such as "frizzy haired Ben", who’s only line during the whole show came at Tribal Council in the form of “living out a childhood dream”.... Snooooze!!! Sorry Ben!!

Lets start with the one's who stood out for the wrong reasons!! Whose neuroticism and lack of self awareness was truly quite remarkable. And when i use the term Imbecile - know that it's coming from a loving place ;) 

Imbecile #1 - AK - The Wedding DJ from South Australia.

Look we're all for game players and all that jazz, but this guy was tragic. Getting up in the middle of  the night to check with Tara (aka Cowgirl) while she’s being sick, if they were “still good” - pretty moronic. Play it cool man!! 

Imbecile #2 - Adam - The International Poker Player from Queensland.

This guy just rubs me the wrong way. My highlight of the episode came when he lied at the fire lighting challenge about how good camp life was and Mark/Tarzan/Beardman/Guywithgrandkids (i’m sure one of those names will stick) pulled him up on it in front of JLP. Beardman should have won the challenge right there and then with that BURN!!!

Imbecile #3 - Joan - The Escape Room owner from New South Wales

Rule #1 of Survivor - Don’t say you’re good at something, and then f**k it up!! She came out firing, said she was a gun at the puzzles but that she wasn’t good at cardio, and then completely bombed out on the puzzle and lost the challenge for her team. Personally I think the other guy with her was just as useless but she unfortunately talked the talk and couldn't walk the walk.

This ultimately (spoiler alert) led to her being the first Poor Unfortunate Soul eliminated this season!


They weren't all Imbeciles though!! The contestants who gave me hope in this first instalment were Tara (cowgirl), Luke (loveable boges) and Mark/Tarzan (Beard man). They seem smart, sociable, and strong enough to make it to the end - But we shall see!!! 


All in All it was a pretty riveting 1st Episode. The tie at Tribal Council was a nice little shock and the contestants seem very willing to play ball this season. HALLELUJAH!!  

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