Um… People Reckon There’s A Cougar On The Loose South West Of Perth

Have you spotted it?

Um… People Reckon There’s A Cougar On The Loose South West Of Perth

Look, we don’t want to alarm anyone but a big cat handler and a film documentary crew flew into Perth last week because they are pretty sure a cougar is roaming around south west of Perth.

According to Perth Now, handler Vaughan King and a crew of documentary film makers were called after apparent cougar sounds and even a sighting were claimed by a family in Harvey.

A family who live about an hour-and-a-half out of Perth recorded the sounds of what they believe to be a cougar call, and likened it to the sounds of a “girl screaming.”

A man only named as “an uncle” to this family also claims to have had an encounter with the big cat a whole year earlier!

He told Mr King that he thought his chickens were being attacked by foxes, so he stayed up one night to catch one in the act.

Instead, he was given a fright when at about 2am, he spotted what he described as a tawny coloured mountain lion through the lens of his rifle.

“After that he put himself to bed, he couldn’t sleep but he said he wasn’t hanging around outside any longer. He was quite shaken up,” Mr King shared.


The family recorded the sounds of the possible cougar and Mr King uploaded them to Facebook, asking if anyone else in the area had heard them. 

“We have cross-checked the recording with known animals here in Australia (ie owls) and no native species match what was recorded,” he wrote.

If you DO spot a cougar strolling down the street or chilling in your backyard, you can call the police on 000, or WA Rangers here.  

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