Here's Where You Can Grab A 3-Metre Long Pizza In Perth!

No, we're not kidding!

Here's Where You Can Grab A 3-Metre Long Pizza In Perth! @crinitis Instagram

You may have heard that Westfield Carousel had just opened a brand new rooftop dining precinct, but you may not know exactly what's going on up there.

The Canningvale shopping destination has already wowed crowds with Japanese dishes delivered to your table via high speed trains and the delicious ribs at the precinct's first TGI Fridays, but honestly, that's not what we're focused on right now.

We're focused on the massive 3-metre long pizzas!


Criniti's is extremely popular on the east coast and has served over 13 million customers!

Now that the restaurant has touched down in Perth, Petra Orrenius, the company's group marketing director, told The West that they're excited to serve the people of the west and give them more delicious Italian food than their bellies can handle!

“Our detox vegan charcoal pizza attracts a lot of customers. Other popular dishes include our classic carbonara and Mama Rosa spaghetti meatballs, which is actually a family recipe. The Frank Sinatra seafood pasta is another one of our family classics.”

You can purchase a 3-metre long pizza for the whole family to enjoy at Criniti's that, Petra says, can feed "twenty people or 15 big hungry men."


But if that's too much for you, you can also purchase two-metre, or one-metre long pizzas at the restaurant.

So... we know where we're going for dinner tonight!

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