Here's How To Get Into Perth's Most Exclusive Underground Rum Bar!

Do you know the password?!

Here's How To Get Into Perth's Most Exclusive Underground Rum Bar! @sneakytonys Instagram

Perth has a lot of great cocktail bars and underground hang outs where you can spend your Friday nights sipping in style with your friends, but you may not of heard of this underground rum bar...

Sneaky Tony's is a rum bar that only those in the know can access because not only is it pretty hard to locate, you also need a password to get in!

You won't find the bar's address on social media, unless you know someone who's been there before. 


All we know is that the bar is located "somewhere in Chinatown" and that every Friday and Saturday, the password is posted on the bar's Instagram and Facebook pages so that those who want to experience the prohibition-themed bar, can do so.

Sometimes the password can change at the last minute though, so you have to keep your eyes peeled!

The bar has a variety of rums available to drink as well as some tasty cocktails so that if you want something a little bit different one night, you have so many choices to flip through!


If you'd like to see the sneaky bar for yourself, keep an eye out for Sneaky Tony's next password so you can experience something completely different from any other bar you've visited in Perth!

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