Counting Down Freo's Five Best Games At Domain Stadium

It all ends this weekend

Counting Down Freo's Five Best Games At Domain Stadium Youtube

Sunday marks a momentous occasion for Fremantle Dockers fans... their last ever AFL game at Domain Stadium (Subiaco Oval).

23 years of history comes to an end, at a place where lots of good (and bad) memories were made. Freo fans made it their own and were famous at the ground for two distinct things.

  1. The big FREOOOoooo chant that went out whenever the team needed a lift
  2. The Mexican Wave that went around the ground when the team were on fire and Freo had it in the bag

We've run an office poll amongst the footy fans here and come up with what we reckon are Freo's five best moments at Domain Stadium. From 1995 to 2017.

Here they are:

5. Pav's Last Game V Western Bulldogs - 2016

Matthew Pavlich has that much currency at Freo that you could almost warrant a top 5 list of games that Pav played at Subiaco Oval, let alone the Dockers. The man bled purple for his team, and it seems fitting that his last game cracks a mention, in a year where the Dockers came crashing back to earth.

In season 2016, they only won four games. To end the season of disappointment by beating the eventual premiership side in the Western Bulldogs, and send off Pav in the style he deserved, it became one of their finest moments at the ground.



4. The Elimination Final Win V Hawthorn - 2010

The new batch of Dockers, under Mark Harvey, weren't expected to win this one. Yes, it was a home final on a warm, sunny September day, but this young team weren't expected to match it with the hardened Hawthorn finals unit.

The experts were wrong. Sadly, this game almost acts as an Anthony Morabito highlight reel, showing what could have been had he not suffered the horrendous knee injuries that ended his AFL career.



3. The First Derby Win - 1999

Freo fans will be able to tell you where they were when the great Tony Modra kicked that miracle goal from the pocket on Ashley McIntosh.

From that moment, Freo fans knew they had their first derby win in the bag. Especially when the rain set in.



2. The After The Siren Win V St Kilda - 2005

It was just a home and away victory in a season where Freo once again underperformed, but any Freo fan who was at that game will tell you, this was one game that will go down in history as one of the best. Freo, with their backs to the wall against a team that would become an AFL powerhouse over the next 5 years or so, stole this one thanks to a brilliant Luke McPharlin tackle and THAT pack mark from Justin Longmuir.

His after the siren goal sent the place into raptures.



1. The Preliminary Final V Sydney - 2013

History will show that Freo would not march on to win the 2013 Grand Final, cruelled by a hungry Hawthorn unit on the day, but that preliminary final against Sydney is arguably the best football Freo has ever played at Subiaco Oval.

It was exciting, precise, polished, almost perfect... particularly in the first half. If only Freo had kicked straight.

The atmosphere deep into the last quarter was electric. The diehard Freo fans knew that the team they had followed for so long, with so little success, were going to the big dance for the first time. You can still hear the deafening chant of MCG ring through the 3 tier stand.



Written by: @dantheinternut