Prisoners Caught With Smokes In Cessnock Jail Sting

The haul has a prison value of $4,500

Prisoners Caught With Smokes In Cessnock Jail Sting

Two minimum-security prisoners are under investigation after someone tried to sneak drugs and cigarettes into Cessnock Jail.

It's claimed the work-release inmates were caught getting the contraband out of a garbage bin during a sting in the prison carpark yesterday.

Investigators say syringes, drugs, a crystal power and 15 pouches of rolling tobacco were recovered - all of which has an estimated prison value of around $4,500.

Corrections Minister David Elliot says smoking is off limits on the grounds of a state correctional centre including car parks after bans were put in place in August last year.

“With smoking now banned in correctional centres, the value of tobacco to inmates is much greater.”

“Corrective Services NSW is focused on detecting and intercepting all contraband in our prisons and takes a zero tolerance approach."

Visitors can receive bans of up to two years for helping inmates smuggle tobacco into jail.