No Prawn Problems for Hunter This Christmas

Some Aussies could pay up to $50/kg

No Prawn Problems for Hunter This Christmas

Assurances the Hunter won't need to shell out a ridiculous amount of cash for our prawns this Christmas.

Schools up in Queensland have contracted White Spot disease, with talk some Australians will be paying as much as $50 per kilogram due to a nationwide shortage.

Robert Gauta from the Fisherman's Co-Op says we won't see the same problem here, with plenty of fresh seafood already on its way to our tables.

"We've got our prawns ordered already for Christmas and they certainly won't be that price," he said.

Gauta is confident our local fishermen have more than enough in their nets this festive season.

"We're looking in the vicinity of around 7 tonnes of prawns and probably around 2000 dozen oysters, if not more."