Newcastle Driver Hit With Axe In Road Rage Attack

It happened outside a local pub..

A man's been attacked with an axe during a road rage incident in Islington.

The 30 year old had just left a pub in George Street yesterday afternoon and hopped in his Camry.

A 44 year old man who was sitting in a ute parked behind the Camry became angry the first driver wasn't leaving straight away.

He allegedly threw a sandwich at the car before verbally abusing him.

It's claimed he then got an axe out of the tray of his ute and smashed the driver's side window, windscreen and roof of the Camry.

The older man then allegedly hit the driver in the face with the handle of the axe, before driving off.

The injured man was taken to the Mater hospital to be treated for facial injuries.

The accused was arrested last night in New Lambton, after being pulled over in his ute by Highway Patrol on Lambton Road.

He's off to court later this month on several charges.