Is This Newcastle's Worst Driver

Drunk, speeding, on his phone

A Gateshead man's facing several traffic offences after he was allegedly caught speeding, while drunk and talking on his mobile.

Police clocked the 27 year old doing 97 km/h in a 60 km/h zone in his Hyundai i30 on Industrial Drive at Tighes Hill on Sunday afternoon.

They say he nearly crashed into the car in front of him, while he was also using his phone at the time.

The man gave a breath-test, allegedly blowing 0.181, admitting to police he'd drunk 12-14 cans of Tooheys New in the space of just two and a half hours before getting behind the wheel.

Police say it's the third time he's been charged with drink driving since 2010.

His licence was suspended and he was granted strict bail not to drive a car or drink alcohol.

He's off to Newcastle court in April.