Five Injured In Metford Dog Attack

One woman needed plastic surgery

Five Injured In Metford Dog Attack

Five people including two children have been injured in a vicious dog attack in Metford.

A 40-year-old woman was walking her dog along Chelmsford Drive Park at around 7pm last night when she was attacked by two dogs. 

She suffered a significant injury to her nose and has since needed plastic surgery in John Hunter Hospital. 

A 38-year-old man and two girls, aged nine and 16, came to the aid of the woman, however they were also attacked by the dogs.

The man received a laceration to his hand and the children suffered minor abrasions.

While a 24-year-old man, who lives nearby, also came to the aid of the group and he too was bitten by the dogs, suffering lacerations to his arm and leg.

Police and rangers managed to capture the dogs in a local park a short time later and paramedics treated the group at the scene. 

The dogs are currently being held by Maitland City Council as investigations continue.