Calls For More Breweries In the Hunter

A local MP is leading the charge

Calls For More Breweries In the Hunter

One of our local pollies wants to see more breweries popping up in the Hunter.

Member for Hunter Joel Fitzgibbon has spoken in federal parliament about the need for a fairer excise tax system, which he believes will attract more craft brewers.

Currently beer in a 50-litre or greater keg is charged one level of excise. However if it's in a smaller container (most commonly used for craft beer batches), brewers are paying up to 40 per cent more excise than bigger competitors.

“We are not asking for any particular advantage for craft brewers; we are just asking for a level playing field," Mr Fitzgibbon said.

Several craft beer breweries already operate in the Hunter Valley including the Lovedale Brewery and the Matilda Bay Brewhouse.