BREAKING: Another Protest Blocks Coal Trains

It follows a similar incident on Monday

BREAKING: Another Protest Blocks Coal Trains Frontline Action On Coal

UPDATE: Police Rescue have just brought down a 17 year old boy who suspended himself up a 10m high tripod, blocking the rail line at Sandgate.

He's being questioned by officers.

EARLIER: Police are dealing with another anti-coal protest at Sandgate.

17 year old Ballyn Teagle is refusing to get down from a 10-metre high tripod on the rail line, which is blocking trains from entering Newcastle Port.

He says the protest is about sending a message on climate change.

“I’m worried about my future and the future of my peers. The fact that we have no meaningful plan to transition from fossil fuels frustrates me beyond belief. We have had the technology for years and still our leaders drag their feet, actively ignoring the obvious warning signs of a world heating up.”

It follows a similar protest on Monday at the same location where three people were arrested.