'Blue Superman' Pills Behind Several Hunter Overdoses

Police are investigating.

'Blue Superman' Pills Behind Several Hunter Overdoses

A harmful batch of pills doing the rounds in Newcastle has prompted a warning from police and health officials.

Around a dozen people received treatment at the Calvary Mater Hospital between Friday and Monday.

Patients reported taking a blue pill bearing the Superman logo.

Dr Craig Sadler says at this stage it's unclear what people have ingested.

"These pills are usually considered to be ecstasy, however the content of them haven't been confirmed yet. The toxicology is pending."

"It could be that the pills are particularly potent - or it could be that they contain another substance."

While Inspector Shane Buggy says the hospitalisations are a firm reminder of the dangers of taking illicit drugs.

"There is no such thing as a bad batch. These pills are made by criminals in backyard labs and might be sold as one substance but are actually another."

"People need to consider these things before they risk their physical well-being. This could have been a tragedy; thank goodness it wasn't. We can only hope those involved are fine but also learn a lesson."