One In Five Shoppers Are Stealing Plastic Bags

The plastic bag drama continues!

One In Five Shoppers Are Stealing Plastic Bags

A new report has shown that as many as one in five shoppers are stealing plastic reusable bags from the supermarket, months after the single-use bag ban came into effect.

A Canstar Blue survey found that of the 3,000 shoppers surveyed, 80 per cent usually remember to bring their own bags, while 20 per cent pay for bags each trip.

The same amount of shoppers also admitted that they have taken reusable bags without paying.

According to the data, it was younger shoppers aged 18-29 who were the main culprits, with 33 per cent admitting the theft, compared to a mere six per cent in the over 60s age bracket.

"They’ve become fair game in the mind of a lot of shoppers who think, ‘I shouldn’t have to pay for this in the first place’, or just take an opportunity to get something for nothing," Canstar Blue editor Simon Downes said.

"We know from previous research that when you put people in that self-service environment, people want something for nothing. Now the reusable bags are the latest target. People don’t take it seriously. They think, ‘It’s 15 cents, I won’t get in trouble for it’."

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