Plea for dogs to be leashed after Broken Bago State Forest attack

Concerns for kids, elderly

Plea for dogs to be leashed after Broken Bago State Forest attack

The owners of a dog mauled by four off-leash canines in the Broken Bago State Forest have urged Mid North Coast residents to keep our pets under control in public and prevent future attacks on humans and animals alike.

Rosie (pictured) was set upon by the creatures Tuesday, while walking with Roslyn Bignell near Wauchope.

The Labrador-Border Collie cross was leashed at the time the bull-look terriers ran off from their masters, locking eyes on her more than 50 metres away.

The 4-year-old suffered puncture wounds all over her body after the animals tore into her, requiring emergency surgery.

Rosie after surgery

She currently has four surgical drains: two in her neck, as well as one in her abdomen and hindquarters.

The operation to save her life cost more than $1,300, with rising bills as Rosie is back in for treatment today.

Ms Bignell told Hit she regularly treads the path she and Rosie were on that day, with kids and the elderly frequently out and about in the area.

She has grave concerns for their safety if people do not leash dogs they know may be vicious towards other animals.

Dogs are allowed in State Forests but are forbidden in National Parks.