Where To Get Your Golden Gaytime Fix In Melbourne

The best flavour!

Where To Get Your Golden Gaytime Fix In Melbourne Instagram: @brotherhen

Golden Gaytime is without a doubt one of the most popular flavours in dessert and many Melbourne cafés and restaurants have invented treats inspired by the iconic ice cream. 

Here are some of the best ways to enjoy Gaytimes in all their glory this Summer… 

Note: We understand there are many variations of these desserts and the list is not biased in any way. 

1. Gaytime Cheesecake on a Stick – Stix, Coburg

This treat has gone viral! It’s frozen to make it to perfect cool treat on a hot day.


2. Gaytime Panna Cotta – Bentwood, Fitzroy

Another popular Instagram item. Indulge in this beautiful dessert, paired with strawberries and caramel.


3. Gaytime Bao – Brother Hen, Pascoe Vale

If it couldn’t get better, this also includes Nutella. YUM.


4. Gaytime Milkshake – The Fish & Burger Co, Doncaster

We LOVE this variation of a crazy shake!


5. Gaytime Cocktail – Chiquito and Co, Fitzroy

If you want something a little cheeky, this is it!



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