What You Do If A Wombat Waltzes In To Your Home

It's a legit thing!

What You Do If A Wombat Waltzes In To Your Home

Image: Twitter / @wildlife_vic

What to do if a wombat waltzes in to your home or business?


Well, Wildlife Victoria is warning us about it, saying it is a very real prospect.

They've holding a free educational event next Wednesday evening on how to deal with wildlife like magpies, possums, roos and wombats wandering into your home or workplace.

The animal experts say they get more than 80,000 calls a year for help from the households of worried Victorians.


Zaylee Turner from Wildlife Victoria says they will cover questions and practical advice like, a magpie swooping in to a home or a possum getting into a roof or wall, as well as how best to share the environment with these gorgeous creatures.

The information session is for all ages at the Broadmeadows Global Learning Centre on August 16.

If you do need help with an animal the number to call is 1300094535.