"Utter Bastard Of A Cat" Looking For Melbourne Owner

Is this the cat for you?

"Utter Bastard Of A Cat" Looking For Melbourne Owner

An adoption ad for an “utter bastard” of a cat has gone viral.

Mr Biggles is looking for a home on petrescue.com.au – and his unconventional bio has attracted some serious interest.

Mr Biggles (also known as Lord Bigglesworth) is an utter utter utter bastard. He looks gorgeous with his slinky shiny black fur and big yellow eyes... but beware. If he doesn't like what you're doing he will give you a nip! Sometimes he likes to swipe at your feet too. It just depends on what he can reach at the time."

“Mr Biggles does not like to be thwarted. He throws a catty tantrum if he can't go outside when he wants to be let out (and he wasn't allowed outside for the first couple of weeks at his carers house so there was a few tantrums!). Not being fed on time, or allowed to strut across the kitchen benches helping himself to whatever is there is also a tantrum inducing exercise.”

He is also described as a “despot and dictator” and reportedly gets nippy when pats are not up to his standards.

“Mr Biggles is not a cat for the inexperienced or faint hearted. He is a full blooded tomcat with very firm boundaries. Mr Biggles needs an owner that won't take his nipping personally but won't let him get away with bad behaviour either. He will make the right person an exceptional feline companion for life, because when he gives his heart it will be absolutely and fully given without return.”

Think you’re the right person for Mr Biggles? You can adopt him here.