The High Price Of Putting Your Feet Up On The Way Home

It's Cheaper To Fare Evade

The High Price Of Putting Your Feet Up On The Way Home

Who would have thought putting your feet on a train seat could cost you more than fare evading? Turns out it does. Authorities take dirty feet on our train and tram seats super seriously. $233 seriously!

Smaller offences like littering, smoking and putting your feet on the seat is bringing in the bucks for Public Transport Victoria, with data revealing fare evaders pay the lowest fines across the network.

In recent years there's been a crackdown on catching fare evaders, but despite it being the lowest individual fine it's still the biggest earner for PTV.
Since June 2013 passengers have copped more than $20.7 million in fines for trying to score a free ride.

Get this, in the last three financial years, 38,000 passengers have forked out 4.1 million in fines for having their feet on the seat.
Parents with kids who have their feet on the seat have been stung too, paying almost $362,000 in fines.

Fines you could face:

$229 - Fare evading
$233 - Feet on the seat
$233 - Littering
$233 - Smoking
$311 - Behaving in an obscene or riotous manner
$389 - Interfering with gates or doors
$389 - Train surfing