The First EVER Boost Juice Drive Thru Will Be In Vic!


 The First EVER Boost Juice Drive Thru Will Be In Vic!

Boost Juice's first ever drive-thru is rumoured to be in Victoria!

Last Friday Boost Juice announced their latest developments via their Facebook page"

"It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, it’s like you’re in a dream but pinch yourself and it hurts because it’s not a dream.. it’s REAL LIFE!


And because we’re evil, we’re going to keep you waiting a few days before we tell you where *insert evil villain laugh while patting a white fluffy cat*


But now it's been revealed the first location will be in Sebastopol in Victoria’s regional town of Ballarat.

Founder Janine Allis said in a statement that it was that they were receiving about one request for a drive-thru per day.

“The popularity amongst our social following, along with the sheer number of requests we get a day made us realise that we had no other choice but to make the drive-thru concept a reality," she said.

Boost's first drive-thru will open Friday 31 March at 6am, with free drinks for the first 1000 customers. YUM!