Rotting Mouse Found In Bag Of Coles Grapes


Rotting Mouse Found In Bag Of Coles Grapes Herald Sun

A rotting mouse has been found in the bottom of a pre-packaged bag of grapes from Coles.

The grapes were purchased from Croydon North supermarket on September 28.

The white seedless grapes were purchased by Ryan Souter, who said that he and his housemates ate most of the packet straight away.

The stowaway mouse was only spotted after more grapes were consumed the next morning.

“It was quite low down in the bottom of the bag. I felt ill. It is quite disgusting,” he said.

“We could see other grapes (were) mouldy.”

Housemate Nikki McInerney returned the packet to the store the following day and was issued a refund of $8.12.

A $50 goodwill voucher was issued.