REVEALED: What Victorians Are Buying Online

What we're spending our cash on.

REVEALED: What Victorians Are Buying Online (

New figures from Sensis have revealed Victorians online shopping habits.

Our most popular purchases are: 

  1. Airline tickets: 57% (↓ 8%
  2. Music: 48% (↑ 12%)
  3. Take-away food: 43% (↑ 12%)
  4. Cosmetics: 23% (↑ 10%)

It seems our state is also the least social, with Victorians the least likely in Australia to shop in a physical store. 

We're also the least likely to have used Airbnb at 7% compared to the national average of 13%. 

The survey of 2000 shoppers and businesses also showed that ladies shop more often (60% compared to 51%), but men tend to spend more (3,450 compared to $2,900).


“Women said they preferred getting the best deal or supporting local brands while men were focused on the fastest delivery time," said Sensis Digital Manager Alice Mentiplay.