Memorial Vandalism 'Harrowing' Say Organisers For Eurydice Dixon Vigil

Vigil planned for tonight

Memorial Vandalism 'Harrowing' Say Organisers For Eurydice Dixon Vigil

Organisers of a vigil in memorial of slain 22-year-old-Eurydice Dixon are sickened by the vandalism of her memorial.

Obscene paint markings were found at a memorial for the comedian were found by police during routine patrols at about 3.50am Monday. 

Vigil organiser, Megan Bridger-Darling said the actions were unbelievable.

“It’s absolutely harrowing,” she said.

“To wake up to this news this morning was gut-wrenching. The pit of my stomach turned, just awful.”

“My question is why were they there in the first place? Why would you go to a memorial site and desecrate something as sad and sorrowful?

“It’s absolutely amazing that it would even occur to someone to go to the deliberate act. Buying the paint, getting the tools to do this. The fact someone would think ‘I think my mates will think this is funny, I’m gonna go and do this – on an intensely sorrowful day.’

Police seized a number of items from the location and an investigation is continuing. Firefighters have used high pressure hoses to remove the markings. 

Later today thousands of people are expected to turn up to Prince Park for a vigil for Eurydice Dixon.