Massive Police Raids Across Melbourne

21 People Arrested

Massive Police Raids Across Melbourne

(Image: Victoria Police)

21 people have been arrested and doors have been smashed in at more than 27 addresses around Melbourne during a series of dramatic police raids this morning.

Victoria Police have released this footage of the operation, carried out with Echo Taskforce detectives.


Authorities say the raids were linked to a recent series of shootings around Melbourne.

An upmarket sedan and 4WD were seized from a property at Lyndhurst, and neighbour Stephen Van Duynhoven said a man lived at the home with his girlfriend.

Talking with the ABC, he said "He's a really nice guy, nice girlfriend." It's also not the first time police had visited the property, "About three times in the last five, six weeks and that's probably why we didn't think much of it," he said.

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