Man Charged After Teen Stalked From Tram Stop

She had to hide.

Man Charged After Teen Stalked From Tram Stop

A man has been charged after a teenage girl was stalked through the inner suburbs of Melbourne from a tram stop to a front yard.

The 15-year-old was travelling from Kew to Box Hill at 1.30pm on Thursday when it is alleged that a male passenger was staring at her.

The girl then attempted to discreetly disembark from the 109 tram in Surrey Hills, however as she stepped off the tram, the man followed her through closing doors.

"She’s looked back at Whitehorse Rd where she’s tried to cross and has noticed the male has got within five metres of her," Detective Senior Constable Christian Arbanovski said.

"Fairly panicked, being 15-years-old, she’s crossed to try and avoid this male and he’s run after her into this side street."

Luckily, the girl was able to get help from a tradesman working in the front garden of a nearby home.

He told her to hide out the back while she phoned her mother for help.

According to Nine News, police allege that the man waited for the girl to return from the back of the house.

Her mother then arrived, and spoke to the man.

"The mother has confronted the man, asking why he was following her daughter," Detective Senior Constable Arbanovski said.

"He’s responded with abusive language and attempted to make a getaway, and the girl’s mother has managed to take a couple of photos which are good quality.”

The man has been charged with one count of stalking. He will appear in court in June.