Huge Brawl At Melbourne College Captured On Video

Shocking footage

Huge Brawl At Melbourne College Captured On Video Sunrise

A brawl at a Melbourne high school has been captured on video.

The video, posted to the Facebook page, Melton/Bacchus March Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down shows uniformed students fighting on camera. It's reported up 80 students were involved in the brawl which broke out at lunch time between two girls. 

You can see the video here:

"Thumbs down to what the staff at Staughton College had to put up with today. A teacher was injured as a result of this fight and a lot of kids are shaken up after witnessing it. The school had to go into lock down and as a parent I’m really angry I didn’t hear anything about it. The violence has to stop.

7 News reports parents were sent a text message from the school informing them their had been an altercation.