Here's The Most Annoying Things About MYKI According To Users

We so agree!

Here's The Most Annoying Things About MYKI According To Users

Complaining about the MYKI system is one of Melbourne’s fave hobbies – so it’s not surprising when someone asked on Reddit for MYKI frustrations they were slammed with responses:

“Im doing a project based on the MYKI user experience and was hoping you could share your current MYKI frustrations with me? Thanks heaps” redditor roc30 posted.

Here’s some others: 

“The only real issue I have with Myki is that there isn't an option for a 14 day Myki pass. I don't quite get the logic behind jumping from 7 to 28, seems to ignore the people who get paid fortnightly (like myself).: -juliuseque 

“I'd also like to see passes based on days travelled, rather than consecutive days. So a 30-day pass is valid for 30 days of travel, not 30 days from first use. This is open to abuse, but I'm looking at perfect world scenario here.” – Andyrb412

“If I lose my card, why does it take about a week for the balance to be transferred to a new card? I have a new card in my possession, this should be instantaneous.” –lordmvt

“$6 for the card, which is non refundable, is just not fair on someone here for a night. You should be able to get the money back for the card, or include the skybus in some way so they can get the airport.” – lordmvt

“More access to top up points. The closest top up point to my place is a small corner store. It is run by an evil witch who won't let you top up using card unless you buy something else. I hate her and wish I could just top up on the tram.” – ALL_ABOUT_THE_KAKAPO

“I would also do away with ticket inspectors. F*ck those bastards.” - Rosasome