Get Ready For 30km Zones Melbourne

How Slow Is Too Slow?

Get Ready For 30km Zones Melbourne

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Footscray is set to be the first suburb of Melbourne to have super-slow 30km/h speed limits imposed - all to make our streets safer for pedestrians!

The plan's being pushed by Maribyrnong Council as part of a $2.5 million Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project.

As well as central Footscray's speeds dropping, drivers will have to slow to 40km/h in outer Footscray and 50km/h on some main roads such as Hopkins and Buckley streets. The slow down will also extend to parts of West Footscray and Seddon.

But when a pedestrian is hit by a car, who is to blame? Stats show us that between 2010-2015, there were 305 casualty crashes in Footscray involving pedestrians. A high number of those were caused by people jaywalking or pedestrians not using crossings.