Breaking the Ice, Foreplay and DUMPLINGS... just to name a few things happening at Oriental Teahouse this Valentines Day!

Dating for Dumplings!

Looking for something to do this Valentine's day that could spice up your date night!?

Oriental Teahouse in Melbourne have created a new 'Dating for Dumplings' game that helps you learn about your partner whilst ordering delicious asian cuisine!

The game has 4 stages that include 'Break the Ice', 'Foreplay', 'Deep and Meaningful' and finally, 'Happy Ending'. After each stage is completed of the game, you get to order for your partner on a paper card (without them peeking!) based on their answers. Fun right!?

The game is set up in the middle of the table so it's hard to avoid or squirm out of awkward questions.

The experience is $60 per person and you can do it at two locations, 455 Chapel Street, South Yarra and 378 Lt Collins Street, Melbourne.

So, if you're feeling adventurous and LOVE dumplings... what are you waiting for?

The game launches for Valentine's day on the 14th of February 2018, but will be there permanently, so any date night this year could be so much fun!