A Harry Potter Themed Brunch Is Coming To Melbourne!

Grab ya wands!

A Harry Potter Themed Brunch Is Coming To Melbourne! Warner Bros

Ohhh boy… there is no better way to start 2018 than this news.

Melbourne is getting its very own Harry Potter themed brunch!

That’s right Potter fans… listen to this, coming to an awesome secret Melbourne CBD location this May is the biggest brunch of the year.

Say hello to The Wizard Brunch.

Be prepared to dine in Hogwarts with more wizard treats than you can shake your wand at. 

The brunch will also include unlimited butterbeer and other wizard tipples.

Not only is The Wizard Brunch throwing out all the food and drink stops but you will get to dine with some of your favourite Hogwarts crew from Harry to Hermione who will be present in the Great Hall alongside Dumbledore and a few others from the Potter motley crew!

Expect Quidditch, sorting ceremonies and a few wand lessons as The Wizard Brunch takes you on a magic journey from Melbourne directly into the heart of Hogwarts!

For more details on tickets and information sign up here

Is this real life?


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