Hobart Traffic - Are YOU to blame for some congestion?

Police ask for help

Hobart Traffic - Are YOU to blame for some congestion?

The state of traffic congestion in Hobart is no secret. A recent traffic study put our city traffic issue third in Australia just behind Sydney and Melbourne.


Tas Police say while roadworks and increased traffic during peak times will always slow things down, they are calling on drivers to play their bit to help keep traffic flowing.


Senior Sergeant Ian Mathewson went as far as to say “While roadworks may increase traffic congestion during peak times, the poor driving behaviour of some motorists has also been recognised as a contributing factor.”


“When traffic is heavy it can be tempting for drivers to do the wrong thing to try and make up time…But this only causes more congestion, more frustration and more delays,” he went on to say.


Hobart traffic police ask that drivers:


 Merge correctly and don’t speed up to get in front of other merging cars

 Indicate in plenty of time and also let other cars in when they indicate

 Don’t go through red or amber lights

 Don’t park in clearways

 Pay attention and be ready to drive as soon as the lights turn green

 If your preferred lane is full, choose a different lane and change later

 Wait until the intersection is clear before driving across

 If you’re involved in a minor crash move your car out of the way as soon as possible. Exchange details with the other driver and report it online on the Tasmania Police website.

 Pedestrians obey traffic signals


Senior Sergeant Mathewson points out “Our enforcement activities will concentrate on offences which contribute to traffic congestion” and ““Drivers can expect to get an infringement notice if they are seen doing things like parking in clearways, parking so as to obstruct, parking over keep clear markings, blocking an intersection, failing to comply with red or amber traffic signals or failing to give way.”


Police also point out drivers who are stuck at a blocked intersection or running late don’t be tempted to use your mobile phone – it’s inattention to driving and results in an infringement notice.


“Drivers who do the wrong thing can expect to receive an infringement notice, or caution notice, or have their vehicle towed from a clearway,” he said.