More Plasma Donors Are Needed In Shepparton!

80 people are needed

More Plasma Donors Are Needed In Shepparton!

80 people are needed in Shepparton to give a much-needed plasma donation. 

The Shepparton Blood Donor Centre needs people to donate plasma in the next 4 weeks to help thousands of Australians enjoy an improved quality of life. 

Plasma can be used in 18 different life-giving ways, including helping those living with cancer and blood diseases, other causes of anaemia, surgical patients including open heart surgery and burns, other medical problems including heart, stomach and kidney disease, orthopaedic patients including fractures and join replacements, obstetrics, pregnant women, new mothers & young children and trauma, including road accidents.  

Blood Service spokesperson Shae Smith said donating plasma is a lot like giving blood.

“Donating plasma is simple. Just sit back and relax on a comfy couch for 45 minutes while you donate,” Ms Smith said.

“The whole appointment takes 1.5 hours, and you can donate as often as every two weeks.”

Continuous improvements in the detection of some health conditions, an aging population and the high standard of care in Australia are thought to be behind Australia’s rapid growth in plasma demand.

“Plasma is a versatile part of your blood, so you can really unlock your blood’s full potential by giving a plasma donation,” Ms Smith said.

“Giving plasma feels good because with every donation, you’ve got the chance to give Australians exactly what they need.”

To make an appointment or learn more about donating plasma, call 13 14 95 or visit