Review: Adele in Brissy

Once in a lifetime

Review: Adele in Brissy

I feel like all we've done at Sea FM In the last week is talk about Adele. And now, she's gone!

I'm gonna start this blog off very honestly and tell you that I’m not a MASSIVE die hard Adele fan. Like I knew probably 6 songs out of the full 2 hour set she belted out on Saturday night.

But that’s just the thing, she BELTED them out.

The show started with Adele's eyes on a massive screen - eyes were closed. When  the screen lifted to real her the eyes opened! Very cool.

That voice. WOW. She started with Hello and got so into it her voice echoed through the whole of Brisbane.


Actually The Gabba as you know had over 60,000 people in it and obviously those people would have paid (a lot of) money to see her. The seats I had were worth $300+.

And she was so good! She was nervous AF but managed to sing her way through it all. Not much of a stage show as such. It was basically Adele and her voice but she NAILED IT ALL.

After doing a few songs from her 21 and 25 album she got changed out of her princess style dress that probably wasn’t the best choice for a humid Brisbane night. She changed into a velvet suit which was gorgeous on her but again not the best for a Brisbane evening.

The highlight was definite Set Fire To The Rain where there was fireworks and coloured confetti flying through the air! SO AMAZING.

Then she did Someone Like You and I have seen this on video performed at Glastonbury last year. It was even better to be in the crowd and see it come to life.

Well done Adele. You exceeded all my expectations and had me leaving on a massive high!