More heartache for a flood ravaged town

Sports facilities go up in flames

More heartache for a flood ravaged town

Image credit: Echo Net Daily 

Just weeks after after cleaning up from ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie's deluge, three Murwillumbah sports clubs have lost their facilities and equipment in a fire at Les Cave and John Rabjones Ovals.

The council-leased change rooms and storage sheds burned to the ground on Tuesday night, in a suspicious blaze.

More than twelve thousand dollars worth of equipment was destroyed, including soccer nets, cricket gear, and line marking equipment.

That comes on top of flood damage from the major wet-weather event back in March.

The Vulcans AFL Club, Murwillumbah Football Club and Murwillumbah Cricket Club all use facilities and Vulcans President Dom Trevaskis said the devastating news was a huge set back for the all three clubs.

"It's gone from flood to fire," said Mr Trevaskis.

"I was there six weeks ago after the floods, washing out all the mud from all our facilities, including those change rooms and storage rooms."

The building was insured, but could take a while to rebuild.

"Hopefully a quick restoration will get it up and running again," said Mr Trevaskis.