Jail time for paramedic bashers

LNP promises harsh penalties

Jail time for paramedic bashers

Anyone who assaults an emergency worker risks being put in the slammer, under an LNP state government.

The party has promised to impose a seven-day-minimum jail sentence for anyone convicted of serious assault against police, paramedics or firefighters.

Burleigh MP Michael Hart says our frontline workers' job is difficult enough, without having to worry about being attacked.

"Our police, fire service and ambos don't deserve to be treated like punching bags," he said.

"These are the laws that our ambulance officers in particular have been asking for, and it's only the LNP that will deliver those laws.

"All the Labor government had to offer was more training".

In the nine months to March this year, 21 Gold Coast ambulance officers were attacked on the job.