Top Free Birthday Offers

Because who doesn't like free stuff

Top Free Birthday Offers

Our birthdays only happen once a year and whilst some of us change the date on Facebook to avoid the awkward singing and cake at work, others soak it up as much as they can!!

It’s your one day, so pull out that birthday card and start making the most of it! Turns out, there are heaps of places in Canberra who are keen to make your special day. Get amongst these goodies whilst you can!

Boost Juice

What you get: Free original Boost Juice.

How to get it:  Become a Vibe Club member.


What you get: Free naked pop or smoothie.

How to get it: Sign up to Cowch’s email loyalty program.

Cold Rock

What you get: Free kiddies ice-cream with one mix-in.

How to get it: Sign up to Cold Rock’s membership program.



San Churro

What you get: Free churros.

How to get it: Sign up to their newsletter.

House of Brews

What you get: Free fairy floss cocktail.

How to get it: Just mention your birthday and show your I.D.

Mecca Maxima

What you get: Free makeup application on your birthday.

How to get it: Spend a minimum of $300 a year under Mecca Beauty Loop.


What you get: $20 gift voucher redeemable online or in-store.

How to get it: Sign up to the eNewsletter database.


What you get: $20 gift voucher.

How to get it: Sign up to the eNewsletter database. Valid for one month.


What you get: 50% off your friends entry.

How to get it: Purchase a Dreamworld year pass, you can extend the birthday love to your friends by allowing up to four guests to get in for half price!