6 of the Aussiest Video Clips on YouTube

Check out these little rippers!

6 of the Aussiest Video Clips on YouTube

If you're smart, you'll have taken Friday off work to make the most of the Australia Day public holiday. We're more excited than a dingo at a meat raffle about a four-day weekend, which got us to thinking about the most Aussie clips on YouTube. 

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The Most Aussie Interview Ever

Where better to start than right here on the Gold Coast? This interview with two blokes who foiled a fast food shop robbery is virtually unintelligible to foreigners but is guaranteed to make Australians, Queenslanders in particular, glow with a very special kind of pride. 

"All I Had Was Me Jocks On"

While we're on TV interviews, this clip of the Brisbane Undies Hero went viral last November. Note the cigarette in the ear and the astonished look on the male TV anchor's face when they cut back to the studio.

Bob Hawke Sculls a Beer at the Cricket

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke never seems to miss the chance to scull a beer in public. The then 83 year-old performed his party piece in 2012 at the SCG, much to the delight of the crowd and Australians everywhere. Can you imagine the leader of any other country being applauded for that? Onya Bob!

Steve Irwin Barely Flinches at Snake Bite

No list of Aussie clips would be complete without some classic Steve Irwin. Steve has just assured the presenter that the snake he's holding won't bite when the little bugger takes a chunk out of his neck. Does Steve panic? What do you think?

Mick Fanning Thumps the Shark

A more recent example of the Australian male's calmness in the face of animal-based danger, Mick Fanning punching a shark in South Africa made headlines around the world back in 2015. 

Aussie Swimmers Prank the Yanks 

A trip down memory lane for our last clip. Flashback to the Sydney Olympics when the American freestyle sprint relay swimming team promised to "smash the Aussies like guitars". They hadn't reckoned on Thorpey and the boys though. Still gets the heart racing, this one!