Money Lost To Gippsland Pokies On The Rise

The figures are huge!

Money Lost To Gippsland Pokies On The Rise

The latest gaming expenditure data from the Victorian Commission for Gambling & Liquor Regulation has revealed over 85 million dollars was lost to poker machines in Gippsland during the last financial year.

The figure is a 3.3 million dollar rise on the previous financial year, despite the number of machines increasing 6.5% to 1,078.

Latrobe City saw a 2.5% rise to 44.7 million dollars lost to machines, while Bass Coast saw the biggest percentage increase at 9.6% to 17.7 million dollars. 

South Gippsland Shire was the only region to record a decrease in money lost to poker machines, with a 4.2% drop to 6.3 million dollars. 

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