Showing the Next Generation What it’s All About

Police Experience Day

Showing the Next Generation What it’s All About QPS

This week around 300 local school students experienced a rare look into what really goes on in the day to day a police officer.

Darling Downs police and the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT), joined together to host the ‘Police Experience Day’ at Empire Theatre, Toowoomba for students who had indicated their interest in one day joining the Queensland Police Service.

The live demonstrations were based on a solved real armed robbery that happened in Toowoomba. The demonstrations showed the real CCTV footage of the crime occurring and followed each sections part in ensuring the crime is solved and the offenders are prosecuted.


Detective Senior Sergeant Paul McCusker said that every crime is like a giant jigsaw puzzle, and every section plays a important part.

“The students were able to see how a real life case unfolds and how each section, plays a part in putting criminals away,” he said.

“Each presenter also shared their own personal stories with the students on how and why they became a police officer, this is important to show our younger generation that every pathway is different.” Detective Senior Sergeant McCusker said.


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