Prepare Yourselves for a DIP in Temperature

it's going to be a lot cooler

Prepare Yourselves for a DIP in Temperature Pixabay

The weather has been up and down like a yoyo – from complaining about the bitter chill in mid-late June, we’ve experienced winter highs of up to 21 degrees, with some even taking to wearing tee-shirts and shorts – what the?!

The past week or so has made the misery of winter bearable but that’s about to come to a screaming halt – as of today.

Cooler weather is about to set in.  We woke to 4 degrees at 7AM and we’re expected to get no higher than 14 today.

Brace yourselves for another freezing start on Monday with an expected 4 degree start to the day and a maximum of 17.

Tuesday is reported to be the same and Wednesday is a tad warmer with 6 to 18 degrees for your hump day.

Here's what we can look forward to for the rest of the week - while day temps aren't too bad we still say, bring on summer!

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