Are You Prepared for Storm Season?

TRC reminds locals to be storm ready

Are You Prepared for Storm Season?

As the mercury continues to rise, Toowoomba Regional Council is encouraging residents to make sure they are informed about further storm activity with recent storms were a timely reminder of the need to be prepared.

Cleaning your gutters, trimming overhanging branches, securing objects in your yard and preparing an emergency kit are things we should be doing now.

To make sure residents stay informed, Council has completed a number of flood mitigation projects over the past few years and now have a new online Toowoomba Region Disaster Dashboard which is available to all residents.  The dashboard is compatible with all smart devices and can be accessed here.  By doing so you will be able log on and see a list of any major roads closed throughout the region, any weather updates and get all your emergency information via TRC.

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