Another Storm Predicted This Afternoon

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Another Storm Predicted This Afternoon

The Darling Downs received a short but severe battering when last night’s hail storm hit around 7:30pm.

It looks like we can expect more of the same this afternoon says Meteorologist Livio Regano:

"We are going to get one more round of storms on the Downs - for better or for worse. And there is a good chance they'll be severe again. At this stage no warnings but watch out for them they're very likely to come out this afternoon. After tonight's over, the weather fairly quickly becomes more stable but very warm.

It's the same period that we're expecting a prolonged heatwave over Central Queensland, where those temperatures have been 40ish for several days now, the Darling Downs won't be that hot. But it's the only place left in the state where there will still be small chance of storms in the afternoon - but it will be a much lesser chance than what we've seen."

"It's the last of it.  We've had an inland trough sitting there for days. Generally to get storms you need three things; you need a trigger - something to kick start the process which is usually an inland trough, you need instability - in other words it’s got to be warm on the bottom and cold on top which it is and you need moisture to make the clouds out of. And it’s very moist at the moment - we've got fairly high humidity even for inland standards. So if all those things are working together we get storms."

"Tomorrow we lose the instability. The atmosphere becomes a lot more stable. So even though it will still be hot and humid, we won't have the storms anymore." – Livio Regano

So prepare for yourselves for another weather beating and stay safe.

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