Council Say Boat Ramp Isn't An Issue For Locals

Locals disagree

Council Say Boat Ramp Isn't An Issue For Locals

Safety remains a concern for the Coffs Harbour boat ramp after a weekend of mishaps with a number of boats running a ground into sand and rocks.

It comes after several boats endured damage from the shallow waters on the Easter Long Weekend.

According to Coffs Harbour City Council, dredging work to fix the problem would run into the millions.

Many fishers say that extending the groin wall near the ramp area would help the issues.  However, Council’s Mick Raby, says extending the groin would not fix the problem, but just move the issue down further.

He believes locals have no issues getting in and out from the ramp.

“The conditions over the weekend were difficult, but the vast majority of locals had no issue because they know how to do it”, Mr Raby said.

Seeing some of the video footage Mr Raby said “you question some of the experience of these guys”.

“I wasn’t down there, but the stuff I’ve seen, I didn’t see too many locals having an issue”, Mr Raby said.

Coffs Harbour MP, Andrew Fraser disagreed with Mr Raby, saying that he has many locals coming into his office with complaints about the boat ramp.

"Mick is more than welcome to come into my office and see the complaints I get from locals about the ramp", Mr Fraser said.