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Jellyfish has a nasty sting

Unwanted Visitor Queensland Museum

Central Coast Council and Lake Macquarie City are warning their communities to be alert to the possible presence of ‘Morbakka fenneri’ jellyfish in Lake Macquarie following the recent discovery of one of the species in the southern part of the waterway.

The Morbakka is a species of Irukandji jellyfish that is more common to the Moreton Bay area but has been found between Port Douglas and Sydney. The jellyfish found in Lake Macquarie was discovered among mangroves in Mannering Bay near Mannering Park by two marine researchers from the Australian Museum who were conducting a study on an unrelated jellyfish.

A Morbakka sting can cause symptoms of Irukandji syndrome, which may include nausea, vomiting, severe lower back pain, breathing difficulties, profuse sweating, severe cramps and spasms. The incidence of stings is rare, and symptoms are typically mild, but some cases have required hospitalisation.