A Trump Dating Show???

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A Trump Dating Show???

Just when you thought the reality TV world couldn't get any more disturbing: someone creates a Trump dating show.

We truly live in a terrifying world.

There's no end to marriage shows, and some of them aren't half bad in our humble opinion. But we're struggling to remain impartial with this one. Trump dating show? Why world. Why.

But wait. There's more.

David Goss is the man behind the website TrumpSingles.com.

That's right. There's a TRUMP DATING WEBSITE TOO!

The concept is still a little hazy at this point. But sources tell us, the site works like any other dating forum. And the show will parallel the familiar dating reality TV show canon.

It'll be a competition with a focus on politics. It's aimed at bringing all sides of politics together, proving we can work it out for the sake of love (good luck with that!)

The show is just in the developmental phase. But we're interested to see where it ends up. Watch this space friends!