Suspect In Helensvale Shooting Denied Bail

Faced Southport Magistrates Court.

Suspect In Helensvale Shooting Denied Bail 7News


A Queensland man was shot in the leg at point-blank range after a passenger in a car he was in demanded he hand over $15,000 cash.

Luke Tomlinson, 42, was discovered on the side of Helensvale Road on the Gold Coast with a significant injury to his right lower leg last Thursday.

Jason Lister, 27, faced Southport Magistrates Court on Monday after he handed himself in to police on Sunday.

He was charged with eight offences including armed robbery and acts intended to maim.

The court heard Lister was driving a car with Mr Tomlinson and two other men when the man in the front passenger seat allegedly said "hand me your money" to the victim and shot him in the leg.

Earlier, Mr Tomlinson had been driven to the Heritage Bank at Runaway Bay where he'd withdrawn a sum of money, believed to be $30,000.

The court heard the man who allegedly shot Mr Tomlinson was only aware he had $15,000 on him at the time.

Lister's lawyer Michael Gatenby said his client slammed on the brakes and stopped the car, and the injured man was removed by the third passenger.

After the alleged gunman then made further threats, the three uninjured men drove away in the car.

"There's a strong case my client was in the car, but there's not a strong case my client has done anything," Mr Gatenby told the court.

Mr Gatenby said his client was only owed $400 by Mr Tomlinson and he was unaware of the other larger sums of money being sought.

Tomlinson was treated at the scene after police arrived and remains in a stable condition at the Gold Coast University Hospital.

Magistrate Kerrie O'Callaghan denied Lister bail, stating his "extensive" criminal history including being charged with more than 120 offences in Queensland since 2009.

The court heard Lister has also been granted bail on 15 separate occasions in that time and had only recently been granted bail at the time of the shooting.

The alleged shooter remains at large while police say they arrested a 32-year-old Upper Coomera man last Thursday but later released him without charge.

Lister's matter has been adjourned until August 7.