Sacked Bus Driver Ross Belsham Scores New Job

Community rally behind 79yo

Sacked Bus Driver Ross Belsham Scores New Job 9 News

Ross Belsham, the Greenbank bus driver who was sacked after a 5-year-old was unknowingly left locked on his bus last week, has scored himself a new job.

The local community rallied behind the 79-year-old, who has been driving buses for around 50 years, to find him a new employer believing he shouldn't have been fired over the ordeal.

It's believed that little Alyssa sneaked onto Belsham's bus while he was assisting some unsupervised students outside Jimboomba State School on January 22.

Belsham was all smiles when he revealed the exciting employment opportunity on Channel 9's Today Show on Friday.

"Brisbane 360 is the name of the business... it's the same thing doing charter work," he said.

"I got a call yesterday from one of the guys who said I had a big following on Facebook, so I went over for an interview, we had a very good interview and I'll be getting some paperwork either today or Monday."

"It's very good and I'd like to thank all of my supporters and especially the [Alyssia's] dad, he was a nice man when I spoke to him."

Belsham said initially he was very upset about getting the sack but is prepared to take the full blame.

"Look, there's a lot more involved in it than that. Everybody, including mums and dads, have a duty of care."