Local Hero Smashes Armed Robber With Bar Stool At Brisbane Pub

See the incredible CCTV footage

Local Hero Smashes Armed Robber With Bar Stool At Brisbane Pub QLD Police/Nine

Not all heroes wear capes. A Brisbane man is being praised for taking on two armed robbers who stormed his local watering hole on Monday night, threatening staff and patrons with a machete and firearm.

CCTV footage from the Lord Stanley Hotel in East Brisbane shows local Andre picking up a bar stool while one of the offender's backs is turned, before walloping him with it.

After the other attacker pointed his gun at Andre and other pub-goers who were forced to lie on the floor, they did a runner taking a small amount of cash.

Police say investigations are continuing to find and arrest the culprits. 

Speaking to Nine's Today Show on Wednesday, Andre said as a former security guard, it was basic instinct for him to take action.

"I was in the gaming room and I just heard voices yelling out 'Stay down! Where's the money?' and I thought, that doesn't sound right. So I walked through and saw one of the guys waving a machete around. I didn't see the guy with the shotgun until after I'd knocked the other one out," he said.

"As soon as I had done that, the other guy came running around the other side of the bar and faced the shotgun at me, ready to fire. It was full on.

"I was more worried about the people on the floor, one of the guys was a really old and I was worried about him having a heart attack or something. The bar girl was standing there in total shock, it just wasn't right. Pretty intense."

Andre said one of the managers at the pub have since offered to shout his family a free dinner for his efforts. We reckon free schnitties for life will do it!