Hero Neighbour Rescues Disabled Couple From House Fire North Of Brisbane

The definition of humble

Hero Neighbour Rescues Disabled Couple From House Fire North Of Brisbane

Pic: Channel Nine

A disabled couple has been rescued after a fire ripped through their home at Redcliffe, north of Brisbane, overnight. 

Firies were called to the single level place on Crawford Street just after midnight, but not before the couple's humble neighbour smelled smoke and went to their aid. 

Neighbour, Brian, spoke with Channel 9 about the moment he realised the fire was inside Rod and Robyn - a disabled couple in their 60s - house. 

"There was a fair bit of noise and the wife woke me up, so we came outside and saw the fire" 

"Rod, the owner next door, was calling to his wife Robyn. They're both in wheelchairs and Robyn was stuck up on the ramp but couldn't get past because the fire was coming out the window" 

"I just helped her down, I sorta grabbed her and lifted her over the balcony. It was only about 2 foot high so I just lifted her up and put her on the ground and we both went outside ad just waited and rang for help and then the ambulance came"

A humble Brian has brushed off the 'hero' status. 

"No, not at all. I just happened to be the first person there, that's all, because I live next door. I just hope Rod and Robyn are alright but no, no, anyone would have done it"

Mark Semple, from Queensland Fire and Emergency, says there is no doubt Brian and his wife are heroes. 

"Because of the excellent quick response from the neighbours to quickly help get the occupants out of the structure and raising the alarm, that allowed us to quickly knock down the fire before it was able to spread to the rest of the house so those neighbours need to be commended for their actions" 

Rod and Robyn have both been taken to hospital, suffering smoke inhalation.